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FA Announce Step 1 – 4 Allocations

The FA

THE FA League Committee have released their provisional league constitutions for Steps 1 to 4 of the Non-League pyramid.

You can read the Committee’s statement regarding the allocations and see the make up of each league here – Club Allocations 2013-14

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7 thoughts on “FA Announce Step 1 – 4 Allocations

  1. stevep

    Ryman North is meant to be North of the Thames but now there are four Kent sides in there?

    Good to see Stortford back in the Conf South. How Stansted Airport was ever north is beyond a joke.

  2. Paul Tate

    How provisional is “provisional”? Quite disappointed to see that Scarborough have been placed in Evo-Stik D1 South. They and us (Darlo) were looking forward to a couple of good derbies next season – with four figure crowds guaranteed for both.

  3. otis Taylor

    How have Guildford City been moved from the Combined Counties to Evo stik central to Evo stik South and West. Who’s idea was that? would it not make sense for them to be placed within Ryman Div 1? rather than sending working lads to wales for a midweek game.

  4. Brian Penney

    Leagues of 24 teams in non-league football is ridiculous!
    That’s 46 league matches plus – for most clubs – at least 4 cup/trophy games.
    When will the people running football get a bit of common sense? They ought to be reducing league numbers not inflating them!
    Hope it doesn’t rain next season!

  5. Bryan Tonks

    So 2 clubs each from the ridiculously weak Kent and Essex leagues are promoted to step 4, and only 1 each from the much Stronger Northern League and Eastern Leagues? and none at all from the Western League? Soon all the step 4 leagues will be south-eastern based and NO club outside this oveer-promoted area will want to move up. The Kent league already has teams with attendances lower than most Northern Alliance sides (2 rungs down), yet they keep getting promoted. How about trying to re-do the abortive step 5 review of 2 years ago, reducing the step 5 leagues to 12 – with any step 5 league which cannot (a) run regularly with at least 22 sides and (b) whose attendances average less than 100 FORCED to merge. This would stop the ever drifting of league boundaries south-eastwards…

  6. Stephen Sutton

    Putting the seadogs in the South div is just perverse – even though they are playing at Brid. The fa’s take on geography is a bit shaky..


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