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Pretty In Pink But Jack Gets Shirty

Jack Turner

HE welcomes stick from opposition fans for his all-pink kit, but Staines Town goalkeeper Jack Turner has finally had enough – because the league won’t let him wear it at home games.

The 20-year-old asked for it to be made as a show of support for his mum Kim, who has bravely been battling breast cancer. He has been raising money too, with rivals fans holding bucket collections after becoming aware of the reasons behind the colourful kit.

Jack Turner v Truro

But the Conference have refused to allow the former AFC Wimbledon player to wear it at Wheatsheaf Park so he can continue his fund-raising attempts – because pink is “not registered as a home kit” in the league’s handbook.

The Blue Square Bet South side have received an official warning and a fine will be forthcoming if the Swans stopper doesn’t wear sky blue at home games from now on.

Annoyed Kim said: “I am recovering from breast cancer along with other members of my family, namely my mother and cousin and because obviously pink is associated with that, he had this idea.

“Jack has taken quite a lot of stick from visiting fans regarding the colour of his kit, but when they realise the reason he wears it they applaud and support him. Recently supporters of Tonbridge Angels even passed a hat around behind his goal and at Farnborough the same thing happened.

“No club has ever objected to him wearing pink at home matches but the Conference say it is “unprofessional” – despite being told exactly why he wears it.

“They are out of touch and should grow a heart. All my son is trying to do is support me, the charity and raise awareness.”

Conference general manager Dennis Strudwick said: “Of course we are sympathetic to the situation but the simple fact is that we’re a professional league and if we bent the rules once, we’d have to do it again.”

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10 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink But Jack Gets Shirty

  1. combyne

    Well done Jack – fantastic attitude, and realises how important family and other people are. Great empathy.

    Interestingly that is a word lacking from Mr. Strudwick’s statement on behalf of the Conference.

    Being professional in my book means embracing and breaking the rules for good causes.

    This looks like a good cause, since Kim, attended practically every match when Jack was younger and without that support, he would not be a goal keeper today. Time for the Conference Board to emabrace rather than fine.

  2. andy talbot

    Great comments all I totally agree and hope the league change their mind on this great that this is now getting coverage and mark think he is setting on up today if you can’t find the link ill post it here,good luck Kim 🙂

  3. Reggie

    If for example a fixture secretary changes or any named persons phone number or e-mail address changes, the handbook would be endorsed or member clubs advised accordingly. Surely this could also be done in this instance ??

  4. Stephen Sutton

    Oh dear oh dear…. There is a difference between professional (which embodies as has been said empathy, a bit of common sense and compassion in such a case) and being a pure jobsworth – applying the rule purely for the sake of the rule. It is probably far too late for Strudwick and the Conference to regain any semblance of respect for their regular heavy handed and dictatorial attitudes.. I don’t even suppose they even gwve it the slightest consideration at all. From a non-conference club supporter (thank goodness)

  5. Peter rushton

    John you are a credit to your mum, your club & formost yourself, just hope that mr sturudwick can see sence & encoridge you & his fellow directors to to go forward & show us non league football supporters that he powes that be can see that this is about real people, merry Christmas


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