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  • Noah: Something needs to be made very clear here; it's not just a case of success being relative, but a case a lack of incentive for success. It's WAY easier to be a "supporter" of an enviroment were there's change to improve. Arsenal's failures and success have been equally as consistent - that's not bad, but even leaning towards one of the other more is easier to digest emotionally and evaluate rationally. The entire purpose and concept of support is beleif in improvement and change towards the right direction. If one can predict the exact same consequences, then support becomes nuetralised. It becomes redundant. It's easier to experience different mistakes than the same ones. The phylosophy is tired; passing football, tactical naivety, big opposition defeats, frequent injuries, incomplete transfer windows. It's exactly the same. Every. Single. One. The emotions reflect the stratigies and outcomes and it's boardering on the depressive. Put all football fans under the same context and you'll get the same reaction. Arsenal fans are supporters of the club, they're simply no longer supporters of the people in the club, because they, infact, show no support. View Post