Top 5 Best Sports to Bet on in Australia

Sports betting has a long history. It started in ancient Rome where people were placing wagers on chariot races and gladiator fights. The more or less modern appearance was acquired by sports betting in the 18th century when horse racing began to gain popularity. In the 19th century, the government took the first steps to legally control this underlying industry.

The introduction of the Internet changed the odds. Sports betting started spreading all over the world, people wanted to win money, and the government got more trouble with the legislation process. Still, this activity is popular. If you are looking for good chances of placing a bet in Australia, here is the list of sports that Australians like the most.

What Sports to bet on in Australia?

Australian rules football

Australian rules football (or Aussie rules, like the locals call it) is the brand of football created in Australia. Its official history starts in 1859 when Melbourne Football Club issued the first ten rules of this sport. Since then, this type of football has evolved into a nationwide sport that attracts thousands of fans. It even started its first tries to expand beyond borders: in 2010, the Australian Football League hosted some home-and-away matches in New Zealand and China.

Non-Australians may find the rules a little confusing, but it’s not holding this sport back from further growth. Bets on some of the AFL’s events can be done internationally with the help of Betstar Australia, so people around the world can enjoy it. But before rooting for a team or visiting any of the matches, please be sure to educate yourself enough on this matter. Get more information about rules, teams, and events, so you will be knowledgeable while making bets.


This sport has become popular in Australia quite recently. Even though basketball was present on the continent for almost 150 years, it managed to get under the spotlight only in the last three decades. According to the 2019 Sport Australia AusPlay study, more than 1 million people participate in basketball in Australia. Almost the same amount of people watch the National Basketball League matches (896,408 in the 2019-20 NBL season, to be accurate). It makes the NBL one of the most notable Australian sporting leagues.

Horse Racing

It may not seem quite obvious at first glance, but this aristocratical sport is a common discipline in the country. Horse racing also has quite a history in betting, and through centuries, the popularity of this sport is not going down.

Like many other countries, Australia hosts its own horse racing competition named Australian Cup or Australian Derby. It’s supported by an official association–Racing Australia. During these events, people bet on their favorites and enjoy watching the competition.


Cricket is an old kind of sport dated back to the 16th century. It genuinely started as a child game that developed into a national sport of Great Britain. Since Australia is a part of the Commonwealth, cricket is a part of the county’s sports life that is loved by many people.

Actually, it’s quite a predictable game that is easy to place wagers on. Still, if you want to be successful, don’t forget to record your betting activity. It will help you improve your future results.


Australia loves rugby and rugby loves Australia. The National Rugby League is a top-notch domestic sports league that raises and fosters the most talented rugby players in the world. Besides, the country hosts Super Rugby where teams from Australia and New Zealand compete.

Australia never leaves the dominant positions on the international stage and continues to attract the attention of people, so there are always a lot of opportunities for gamblers to come into play.

Wrapping it up

Sports betting in Australia is quite popular, just like in the rest of the world. Some sports may be weird to see for a non-Australian, but locals enjoy them a lot. The possibility of win is higher in the above-mentioned betting opportunities. Besides, it can add a bit of spice to watching your favorite teams or athletes playing.

But you do not find any luck in this activity (or think it’s just not something you would like), no problem: There are more betting opportunities. For example, you can try online slot machines ( or casinos. Whatever you choose, may the odds be in your favor!

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