DIARY OF A GROUND HOPPER: Harpenden Town 0-2 Flackwell Heath

I HAD wanted to pay Ascot United a visit tonight but their cup tie is switched to ext week. Easington Sports playing at home then catches my eye being as they are on my ‘Naughty List’ (as Pencilman calls it: I call it something rather more obscene) after a rather late call off one Saturday afternoon.

Steve Shore: Local clubs have a duty

With great power comes great responsiblity. Who would guess I’d quote Spider-Man!? A key part of our Clarets10 Vision is to provide a pathway for our youth through to our first team, and with this comes incredible responsibility.

Steve Shore: Pleasing all is possible

YOU can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” Or so said the fifteenth-century monk and poet, John Lydgate.

Steve Shore: Why must the big clubs share?

I read with interest Tracy Crouch’s initial findings on her review of football. While I agree with some of her points, including the structure of the National League being fundamentally flawed, I do question other areas of her findings and wonder how many of those “independent” people she spoke to when doing her research were really that, rather than more self-interested groups.

Josh Gowling: Analyst role will be crucial

Why am I confident Hereford can pick up where we left off – very much in the hunt for promotion and on the way to what was our first ever FA Trophy Final at Wembley – when the National league North was voided in February?

Steve Hill: It’s time to fill my boots!

This time next week, results will be in. Win or lose, we’ll have some booze; if we draw, we’ll have some more. Technically I won’t have any as I’ll be driving, having foolishly chosen to live the best part of 200 miles from Chester, something of an oversight given that I’ve supported them for my entire adult life and beyond.

Guillem Balague: We’ve put big blow to bed

ONE of my main ambitions since I joined Biggleswade United back in 2014 has been to see us field a first team in both our men’s and women’s sides made up entirely of homegrown players who have progressed into our top sides through the junior sections of the club.