Steve King: It’s all clicking back into place

At Dartford, we’ve got some really exciting friendlies lined up. I wrote in my column last year how EFL clubs can really help out Non-League clubs by sending strong squads for pre-season. All our home games are against first teams, which is fantastic.

Steve Hill: Yes it’s sad, but don’t go up!

Before any fellow Chester fans burn my books in protest, by ‘following’ I don’t mean supporting. In fact, I mean quite the opposite, whatever that is, in that I temporarily support whoever Wrexham are playing. I am an anti-fan.

Lee Fowler: Radcliffe feel like my perfect fit

I’ve really embedded myself in the culture of the football club while putting my stamp on it too. When you’ve got a support network around you like the one I have at Radcliffe, it’s the perfect fit for me.

Steve Hill: At last…the joke’s on you!

At school in Chester in the 80s, a teacher randomly conducted a straw poll of who supported who. Surprise, surprise, it yielded approximately 30 Liverpool fans, one Manchester United fan, and one Evertonian. How many Chester City fans? One, yours truly, news that was greeted by gales of incredulous laughter, despite being within walking distance of their Football League stadium.

Diary of a Ground Hopper

Several leagues have initiated cup competitions to ease clubs back into the swing of things. What an excellent idea! I have a few matches to choose from, mostly in the Notts Senior League and Central Midlands League being as I am still attempting to stay local. Ish!