Diary of a Ground Hopper

Several leagues have initiated cup competitions to ease clubs back into the swing of things. What an excellent idea! I have a few matches to choose from, mostly in the Notts Senior League and Central Midlands League being as I am still attempting to stay local. Ish!

Hull United (Tuesday, August 25)

I DON’T know how I’ll be able to drag myself off the sofa for a match tonight; the stuffing has been knocked out of me by reports that One Direction are splitting up. How will I be able to live life after such earth-shattering ‘news’?

Whitley Bay (Friday, April 18)

I arrive at Hillheads Park, home of Whitley Bay, courtesy of The Fox who is in the north east for just one day of the four Northern League 125th Anniversary Hop days.

Great Yarmouth Town (Saturday, March 15)

It hurts deeply that I am visiting the best county in Britain for birds, Norfolk, and not actually doing any birdwatching! This is because I am watching three matches in the Eastern Counties League today, in the company of The Fox, and simply have no time to stop and study our feathered friends.

Bournemouth (Saturday, December 28)

Today is a bit of a mystery tour. My mate CAMRAman, quite possibly the ‘saddest’ man in the universe, kindly offers to ferry us down to Portland Harbour for an almost mythical bird (Brünnich’s Guillemot) with a match to follow.