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So, Who Reigns In Big Money League?

THE OTHER 64,000 dollar question I get asked is ‘Who’s got the biggest playing budget?’

We’ll never know the exact workings, of course, because clubs don’t want to show their hand.

But I’m in a privileged position where I get to speak to and see all the Skrill Premier clubs on a regular basis, and I’ve used my contacts at the 24 clubs to put together the latest budget table for players only – not staff, travel and hotels – for 2013-14.

Of course, things might change over the course of the campaign. Some will increase their kitty after a good FA Cup run, others simply to avoid relegation. The odd one will experience cash-flow problems and cut their budget, although we hope not too many.

I would also add the disclaimer that some will be economical with the truth to make themselves look good, but I can only take managers, chairmen and directors at face value.

A couple might be misplaced as a result, but this is as close as we’ll come to the Conference Rich (or not-so-rich) List. Like when I did it two years ago, it’ll be fascinating to look back at the end of the season and see who’s under and over-achieved.


Forest Green, Luton Town


Barnet, Wrexham, Grimsby Town, Kidderminster, Cambridge United, Gateshead

Aldershot, Lincoln City, Hereford, Salisbury, Dartford, Chester, Woking, FC Halifax, Southport

Below £250k
Macclesfield, Tamworth, Alfreton, Braintree, Nuneaton, Welling, Hyde

MY Skrill Premier tips for the season:

CHAMPIONS – Grimsby Town

PLAY-OFFS – Kidderminster, Luton, Forest Green, Cambridge


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5 thoughts on “So, Who Reigns In Big Money League?

  1. Jed Beaver, KHFC

    Pretty easy to predict the top 6 or 7 and I think Grimbsy are a big call for champions. They got to top last year and could have got away, yet chocked. FA Trophy final, rabbits in headlights and chocked. Play offs both home and away looked short of answers and chocked again.
    Luton and FGR are the big spenders and I reckon FGR have too many big egos in their team for their manager to be able to cope with. He will be the first manager sacked I would guess by Christmas. I wouldnt write off Wrexham either as their midfield oozes class and I also think if Cambridge get off to a good start they could be contenders!

  2. Alan

    I think you are all wrong leaving out Barnet in the mix considering they have kept the team that finished the league 2. Yes we got relegated but only had 3 points after 13 games played and would have close to league 2 playoffs with the form of the final 33 games. Barnet will be around the top 5 at the end definitely.

  3. Dan

    Come on Alan… Barnet had been floating around the bottom of league 2 season after season and as for being around the top 5… Hmm different ball game this league as you should know from past experience. Mid-table finish for you i predict. If i were you id be wanting a few seasons of being there and thereabouts instead of going back up and fighting for relegation season after season again

    • Alan

      Dan we went down with the best team Barnet have had since the last promotion to the league. Beating Gillingham away and other promoted sides as well, in fact we play football that is a joy to watch not hoof ball like a lot of teams in this league that rely on set pieces to create a chance of scoring. I stopped going to Barnet FC when John Still was manager because the ball was always in the air and sent to either corner of the oppositions end, it was like watching tennis. Yes you can be successful playing this brand of football but do you want to watch it? We have played Chester and Tamworth and there supporters have praised the way we play and I now I think we will be in the top 3.


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