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Fantasy Non-League Update – January 30, 2021

Welcome to the latest update of Fantasy Non-League 2020/21. Today’s update covers the period Sunday 24th January 2021 through to Saturday 30th January 2021.

We are now one day short of the end of January 2021. As you are reading this we have slipped into the month of February 2021 and I will be sorting your substitutions out and getting your new teams in place. Of course, this last month has been a very strange one as we head towards the end of it with just the National League actually playing.

So, who is likely to grab the cash for January 2021. Looking at the fixtures we only have the monthly bonuses to add. Well currently leading the way is WEDNESDAYMATT with 590pts they are 28pts ahead of second placed SIDS UNITED and 39pts ahead of third placed WILDS WONDERS. The top ten is covered by 73pts so any of those top ten could be in the running for first or second place.

At the bottom it is just as tight with ENJOYTHESILENCE rock bottom with -17pts and they are currently 34pts drift of second from bottom BASEMENT. The bottom ten is covered by 80pts.

Well things as I write these notes are still up in the air and it still isn’t clear whether or not all of the leagues featured in this season’s Fantasy Non-League are going to finish. As I have said before we will continue with your favourite game for as long as we can. I know for a lot of you the game is helping you through these strange times and I am really pleased it is doing that.

Top 3 teams currently leading the January 2021 Manager of the Month.

1.                     WednesdayMatt                     590pts             (272nd)          

2.                     Sids United                             562pts             (157th)           

3.                     Wilds Wonders                       551pts             (434th)

Bottom            EnjoyTheSilence                     -17pts              (766th)

Top 5 teams over the last seven days. (Numbers in the brackets are the FNL Main Table positions).

1.                     Eshton Clarets                         188pts             (477th)           

2.                     NCFC Notts                           182pts             (552nd)

3.                     straightlines                             181pts             (250th)

4.                     On Me ‘Ead FC                      180pts             (161st)

5.                     Jordy                                       174pts             (673rd)

Bottom            Beeston Hereos                       -55pts              (735th)

Top Team in each of the leagues are                                  

Vanarama National League –                      Torquay United                       453pts            

Vanarama National North –                        Gloucester City                       310pts            

Vanarama National South –                        Oxford City                            340pts                        

Northern Premier –                                      Mickleover FC                        230pts            

Isthmian Premier –                                       Worthing                                 213pts                        

Southern Premier Central –                         Coalville Town                        221pts

Southern Premier South –                            Poole Town                             240pts

The Mixture –                                                            Cirencester Town                    283pts

Top Team over the last seven days is Notts County (National League) with 43pts.

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Full Fantasy table

Manager of the Month

Team totals

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