Wakefield FC (Saturday, October 23)


Wakefield 1 Mossley 6

TONIGHT is a chance to catch up with Wakefield at their current residence of Belle Vue, home of Wakefield Trinity Wildcats. I arrive to find the ground in darkness.

A player pulls up and I ask him if the game is going ahead. It is, so I leave him to extract two gigantic speakers from the boot of his car, which he lugs through the turnstile.

Even used in the ground, they would probably induce complaints from nearby residents, never mind a small car!
When the turnstiles open I hand over £8 and another £1 for the programme. All facilities are within the huge stand behind one goal. It looks like a four-storey block of flats!

A ramp is thoughtfully provided for wheelchair users to gain access to the bar. Unfortunately, an Audi has parked right across the entrance, blocking access.

The bar is deserted. I approach the food area and am met by a very attractive girl. “The pies aren’t ready yet”. I order a cup of tea and am shocked to find it will cost me £1.50.

With the entry fee and this, I think I must have turned the wrong way on the M1 and ended up in rip-off London, not working class Yorkshire.

The pies finally arrive from somewhere on high. “The chips aren’t ready”. By the time they arrive, there is a queue for them.

There is only enough for two pies worth! Mind you, the wait is worth it: not only is the view rather nice but the pies are by far the tastiest this season.

I stand on the vast terrace behind the other goal to watch Mossley take apart their hosts. Three down at the break, one can imagine the home team talk: ‘keep it tight lads, we are still in this’.

Three minutes into the second half and they are six goals behind! Wakefield immediately replace two defenders and, unbelievably, match Mossley for the rest of the game.

One final thought: only 72 spectators watched this game.


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