How the UK gambling market has changed in 2020

The last two decades have seen a surge in the gambling industry, especially an increase in online gambling sites. This has not only offered a wide variety of choices for gambling lovers but also the convenience is unmatched. Being able to access gambling sites with only a device that is connected to the internet as opposed to offline casino sites is an innovation that is here to stay.

While it has evolved, gambling is not a new practice in the UK. Gamblers in the UK enjoy a wide variety of online games such as;

  • Slots

This is one of the most popular types of casino gambling. If offers a fantastic range, from modern movie-theme based slots to 3-reel games. It also offers many avenues for players to win money.

  • Roulette

This is a wheel game that entails betting on a colour, number or row and then throws the ball. Players should then wait until the wheeled roulette stops and if lucky, the ball will stop in the colour, row or number gambled on.

  • Blackjack

Different from luck games, the blackjack requires a skill set and a thinking cap. In this card game, players use intelligence and brains to win.

  • Video poker

Categorized under the Luck-Lady games, this is a classic 5 card game that has the potential to fetch players as much as 100% return and even more.

While online casinos are more vibrant, land-based casinos have increased since the relaxation of gaming laws in the UK, with over 100 spread out in the country. Large land-based casinos can offer up to 150 video and slot gaming terminals while smaller land-based casinos offer 5-10 tables such as blackjack and roulette. Some players prefer this over online casinos as they have a relaxed atmosphere with various entertainment options as well as food.

Among the top land-based casinos in the UK include:

  • Grosvenor Casino The Victoria London
  • The Hippodrome Casino London
  • Genting casino
  • Aspers Casino

The internet era has transformed the gambling industry with the presence of online casinos. Not only do people have access to hundreds of games, but the ease of gambling has also revolutionized the sector in massive ways. Despite this, gambling sites have heightened gambling problems, mainly addiction leading to calls for additional regulations in the UK. Issues such as depression, debt and family breakdown are only a snippet of the destruction caused by problem gambling and addiction.

For instance, the gambling industry has seen an influx of underage gamblers. To counter this, online casinos have been instructed by the Gambling Commission to verify the age of participants. Also, platforms are restricted from accepting payment details that do not match with the name of the account.

The gambling industry has also seen an influx of problem gamblers who get into debt while making deposits with their credit cards. To control this, the Gambling Commission made it illegal to make deposits at online casinos using credit cards.

Although the gambling industry may have experienced a drop in profits as a result of these regulations, the top priority remains to have a balance and protecting consumers.

To help set rules and regulations in the gambling industry, the British Government introduced the UK Gambling Commission as such, any company looking to join or participate in the industry has to adhere to these regulations, whether online or land-based. The commission protects British players from unscrupulous betting companies by effecting betting limits, restricted advertising and restricted VIP programs among other regulations. The UKGC, which focuses on licensing authorities, gambling businesses and the public mandates any company that takes money with the aim of the entrant winning a prize to be fully compliant with the rules and regulations.

To restrict online gambling activities and prevent problem gambling, consumers can register with GamStop. This is a scheme that is a free and independent designed to help problem gamblers ban themselves from online betting sites and apps. Launched in April 2018, players register a period in which they want to be banned from online gambling sites. During this period, they are not able to login to these platforms.

While using GamStop can be beneficial to problem gamblers, it can also be limiting. As a result, there is a growing demand for casinos not on GamStop. Despite not being on GamStop, these casinos are registered under other notable features of the gambling commission. For instance, some gambling sites may choose the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Cyprus, Curacao, or Malta Gaming Authority, as an alternative to the UKGC.

Many problem gamblers have benefitted from GamStop. While some may want to opt-out before the end of the non-gambling period, it may be an uphill task. There are, however, several ways in which players on GamStop can still gamble, despite being limited by the scheme.

For instance, joining bitcoin casinos has been deemed beneficial as most do not require IDs to make payments and deposits while still offering the same casino games. Players may also opt to register under their partner’s name which helps bypass the scheme.

Offline vs Online Gambling

When it comes to the choice between online and offline casinos, the possibilities are endless. The generation of bonuses is faster for online casinos, not to mention the ease of access and convenience that comes with it. Being able to play in the comfort of your home, workplace or any other location that has internet access is any players’ dream. Online casinos also offer thousands of games not to mention the fact that players can use different forms of currency.

Offline casinos, on the other hand, have fewer games to offer not to mention the slow bonus generation process. Also, the games are not easily accessible as players have to travel to the physical locations. They, however, offer great entertainment venues and social interaction.

Irrespective of your preferred gambling avenue, it is no doubt that both online and offline casinos have their pros and cons. The choice hence depends on the type of player you are. If you love the ease and convenience of online gambling, you are best suited to online casinos. On the other hand, if you crave social interaction, you should opt for offline casinos. Whichever you choose, it is best to play in moderation to prevent gambling addiction.

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