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Fantasy Non-League Update – October 17, 2020

Welcome to the first update of a new season of Fantasy Non-League. Today’s update covers the period Saturday 1st September 2020 through to Saturday 17th October 2019. Well here we go again!! I wonder how many of you didn’t think we would reach this stage. Sadly, I think this is going to be a really bumpy FNL season. So, fingers crossed that we all come out the other side safely.

Welcome aboard another Fantasy Non-League journey. It’s an adventure that will take us all the way through to possibly June 2021 and the end of the season. There will be lots of bumps on the way and I am sure you have experienced quite a few already. If you are new to the game? Welcome I can promise you a great ride. So good luck to you all!!

As always at the start of the FNL season we begin with an appeal, if you can’t find your team or I have miss-spelt it please get in touch with the FNL Helpdesk (Not the paper please). Can I however ask you not to get in contact until after you have seen the full table online.

Now for some info about the game itself. On the subject of Manager of the Month the first one is a joint one including the months September 2020, October 2020 and November 2020. Please remember only the actual points scored via the results count towards your Manager of the Month total and again this season the top and bottom team each month in each league (FNL Points not league position) will get 25pts and -25pts bonus. However, and this is important these two bonuses each month only count towards Manager of the Month and not the main total. (For the first Manager of the Month the 25pts and -25pts will be based on the top team and bottom team for all of the three months involved).

If you picked either Macclesfield Town or Merthyr Town please get in touch as soon as possible, you need to switch them out for another team in the same section. This must be done by Saturday 14th November 2020. A quick word on FA Cup walkovers. For example, yesterday’s game between King’s Lynn Town and Notts County was postponed because Notts County have a Covid-19 problem, so King’s Lynn get a bye through to the FA Cup First Round Proper. So, King’s Lynn get the points for the win and the bonus for going into the First Round Proper, but I am not awarding minus points to Notts County because the game was never played. This rule will apply in all cup competitions that are included in this seasons Fantasy Non-League.

Finally, a quick word about Bonus teams as these seem to be causing some confusion. Basically, I have allowed you the chance to choose three extra teams so if you take the last section of the National League. You can’t make up your mind between say Stockport County & Torquay Utd. You decided to pick Stockport as your section choice. The bonus team allows you to choose Torquay as well but that is it. Bonus teams do not get double points or anything like that unless you pick a bonus as a joker which you can.

As we have now passed into the month of October 2020 that means we already have a set of end of month league leader’s bonuses to let you know about for September 2020. Don’t forget again this season the bonus is worth 25pts per league leader and -25pts for the bottom club each month and they only count in the main totals, not Manager of the Month. Remember in The Mixture there will only be one leader and one bottom club. This will be worked out via each team’s league record in their respective leagues.

Vanarama National LeagueLeague Campaign not started.

Vanarama National North – League Campaign not started.

Vanarama National South – League Campaign not started.

Northern Premier – Warrington Town/Radcliffe FC.

Isthmian Premier – Bower & Pitsea/Lewes.

Southern Premier Central – Needham Market/Leiston.

Southern Premier South – Tiverton Town/Harrow Borough.

The Mixture – Aylesbury Utd/Wisbech Town.

Top 3 teams currently leading the First FNL 2020/21 Manager of the Month.

1.                     Rothwell Lions                       2,665pts          (2nd)  

2.                     Stoke Gabriel                          2,664pts          (3rd)   

3.                     AFC Jagman                           2,653pts          (5th)

Bottom            Back of the Net                      -507pts            (864th)

Top 5 teams over the last seven days. (Numbers in the brackets are the FNL Main Table positions).

1.                     Curtis Hayes Lane                  589pts             (358th)           

2.                     Maine Road Terras                  549pts             (65th)

3.                     Chasing Shadows                   541pts             (75th)

4.                     Seasiders                                 539pts             (77th)

5.                     Tangerine Army                      538pts             (91st)

Bottom            Back of the Net                      -138pts            (864th)

Top Team in each of the leagues are                                  

Vanarama National League –                      Stockport County       76pts              

Vanarama National North –                        AFC Fylde                  94pts              

Vanarama National South –                        Oxford City                89pts                          

Northern Premier –                                      Matlock Town             132pts            

Isthmian Premier –                                       Bishop’s Stortford      137pts                        

Southern Premier Central –                         Coalville Town            137pts

Southern Premier South –                            Tiverton Town            120pts

The Mixture –                                                            Stamford                     136pts

Top Team over the last seven days is Bishop’s Stortford (Isthmian League) with 58pts.

Fantasy Non-League Helpdesk –

Phone Number – 07909993854

In next week’s update news for players who are not on the internet and want to know how they are doing, and do you want a FNL Mini-League? Details on how you can have your own FNL Mini-League in next week’s FNL Update.


Full Fantasy table

Manager of the Month

Team totals

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