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Sportsbooks With Best Odds For Live Football Betting

A few decades ago, regular betting at the largest betting shops in the UK was the only option for punters. You could choose the winner, eventually, the number of goals scored and that’s it. 90% of the markets considered mandatory today didn’t even exist then. The same goes for live betting, which gained popularity only in the last 20 years or so. But even now, live betting has opponents who say that you shouldn’t bet like that, because of the lower odds, emotional input, especially when you bet live on the teams you already bet, in order to erase your previous error, which can lead to another. We agree to some extent but for us, live betting is one of the best ways to get big payouts from the sportsbook. In this article we will talk about the essence of live betting, and how to find the sportsbook with the best odds for live football betting.

Basic Live Betting Rules to Follow

In order to bet live successfully, you have to follow certain rules. Live betting is not the same as regular, pre-game betting, but you should definitely combine those two to get the best value out of it. If you are new to this, you should read gambling strategies before jumping right in and lose money.

The first thing you should do is getting a pre-game bet. This is not necessary, but might be a very wise decision. If you bet live on the game you already placed a pre-game bet, you can salvage the bad bet, or press the good bet more, so you earn even more money. Of course, you need to set up the limits, so if everything goes wrong in an unpredictable and strange game, you don’t lose too much money.

When choosing a game to place a pre-game bet, you should also follow a few simple logic rules. First, bet on things you know and follow closely, for example, Premier League. Always try to find the best odds and lay your bets early, because you might be able to capitalize on bad lines.

It is not an easy task, since the bookies are getting better and better nowadays, so you may want to search lower leagues for their errors. Even amateur football, such as Non-League English football might be an option, if you follow it closely, of course. Finding a bad line on a local club you know from inside might be the best bet you will make in your life.

It is also of utmost importance to find the best possible odds at online sportsbooks because even slightly bigger betting margins can make a huge hole in your betting budget.

The Best Live Football Betting Sportsbooks

The go-to sportsbook and the first that should come to the mind of any sports bettor is Pinnacle. Pinnacle is well-known for its amazing odds, and no other sportsbook can match them in years. Pinnacle is the sportsbook for high-rollers, who want to take advantage of those lower betting margins Pinnacle provides. If you are a high-roller and you usually bet only on top matches, you can stop your search, because Pinnacle provides that. However, Pinnacle performs slightly worse than an average sportsbook in terms of live betting options and betting markets – you won’t be able to find your non-league team there.

For betting on your non-league team you should check out Paddy Power, the sportsbook known for their extensive betting markets and various betting options. Paddy Power doesn’t give amazing odds like Pinnacle, but compared to Pinnacle, all sportsbook fail in that regard.

Another interesting option for live betting is Bet 365. Bet 365 is one of the most famous and all-around sportsbooks. You can find competitive odds there, some niche sports can’t be found at other sportsbooks, live streaming of events you want to bet on, which is really helpful. Bet 365 is average in terms of odds, both pre-match and live, but if you want to bet on some lower football leagues or other sports, it is definitely a way to go.


If you wanted to know which sportsbook has the best live odds for football betting, the answer is easy – Pinnacle. However, you need to do all the things we mentioned in this article prior to jumping into that train and prepare everything to get that big win. Because if you come unprepared, the biggest odds won’t do anything – you will lose your money.

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