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Football Betting Basics: A Guide To Get Started In Football Betting

If you are interested in getting started in football betting, you might find these basic guidelines helpful. Football betting is a fun hobby for people like pro bettors. For they don’t just get excited with the upcoming football games and leagues themselves, but also for the enormous amounts of money they gain on betting.

But before these pro bettors became experts, they, sure enough, took the time to learn and understand football betting basics. And that is what you must also do first before trying to place a bet on your favorite teams. To guide you further, explained below are some guides and tips to get started in football betting.

Types Of Football Betting

There are many types of football betting, and you must understand some of them to grasp their differences, learn how it pays you, and know which ones you prefer on trying soon.

1. Draw No Bet – In draw no bet, your stake will be returned if the final game results in a Draw. Here is a simple example to understand what does draw no bet mean:

If you bet on Manchester and scored 2 in the first half versus Liverpool, then Liverpool scored 2 in the second half, the final score would be 2-2 or a Draw. Because it is a Draw, you get your stake back, and you don’t win nor lose any money.

2. Full-time Result – The full-time result is the most popular bet there is. You just have to place a bet on which team will win after the 90-minute football match.

3. Halftime/Full-time – In this type of bet, you can place bets twice in a single match. You can bet results in the half-time(which is after 45 minutes), and you can also bet on the final results in the full-time(which is after 90 minutes).

4. First Goalscorer – In this bet, you just have to bet on the player to make the first goal. But if any player strikes a goal before the player you bet on, then you will lose your bet.

5. Accumulator Bet – There are different types of rules in this bet, but generally, it’s all about placing bets on two or more teams to win massive multiplied amounts of money. The more teams you place a bet on, the higher your chances of gaining profit from your stake.

Basic Football Betting Terminologies

Before even trying to place a bet, it is essential and beneficial for you to have a basic understanding and knowledge about some football betting terminologies. By doing so, you will gain a good foundation and increase your confidence in learning more about football betting along the way. To get you started, below are some basic football betting terminologies you must know.

1. Punter – A punter is another word for a bettor. The word punter is often used in football betting articles.

2. Stake – A stake is money that a punter places on their bet. It is the money that they risk or gamble to win more money back.

3. Bookmaker – A bookmaker, or “bookie” in short, is the one who organizes the gambling and accepts the stakes of the punters. Generally, they are the ones who facilitate the whole betting process.

4. Draw – A draw is the outcome of two teams who score the same number of points.

5. Juice – The juice is the commission that a bookmaker takes from the bets. Usually, bookies charge 10% juice on each bet.

6. Sportsbook – A sportsbook is like a bookmaker. Usually, sportsbooks are companies that accept and facilitate bets in sporting events.

7. Dog – A dog or “underdog” are teams or individuals who have low winning chances and are typically expected to lose rather than winning.

8. Chalk – As opposed to the underdog, the chalk is the most favored team to win the match.

9. Tip – A tip is usually a betting prediction from someone with in-depth knowledge and discernment about the competitors. Technically, you can consider them as expert bettors too.

10. Edge- The edge is the advantage that a bookie or a punter has against each other.


Learning the types of football betting and football betting terms is key when getting started in football betting. Having the right grasp in differentiating the types of football betting and familiarizing the betting terms used will build a good foundation and enhance your confidence in your journey to engage in football betting.

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