Protect Your Game next season with Our Game Football

Our Game Football is a ground-breaking platform that is designed to help non-league footballers overcome the regular challenges they may face when playing the game. 

The brainchild of former Maidenhead, Kingstonian, Bromley, Ebbsfleet and Dulwich Hamlet player Francis Duku, the revolutionary system has created many new options and opportunities for today’s players.

Our Game Football prides itself on the level of medical cover and support it has been able to make available to ALL in the non-league football pyramid via its innovative ‘Our Game Health’ system, which is currently being used by clubs from the National League down to vets football.

The system grants swift, affordable and even FREE access to a full range of treatment options (including operations), as well as financial support, to help players pro-actively minimise injury risk, and quickly get back to normal life both on and off the pitch when injury does strike. 

Other game-changing features of Our Game Health include: funding for private scans and consultations, bespoke insurance to pay for all surgical costs, paid for access to elite rehab facilities, inclusive mental health support, financial support when unable to work / play because of injury, and a means to convert your day to day living costs into FREE use of these services.

As current non-league player Jack Bennett can testify, picking up an injury can have a huge knock-on effect on both your personal and professional life. The central midfielder became seriously injured whilst playing for Southall FC.  

“I got injured in my first pre-season game and ruptured my Achilles.”

“After going to hospital and being put straight in a cast, I was told I needed a scan, but I would have to wait two weeks before I could be seen, and then I would have to wait for an operation date.” 

Being left unable to work as a result of picking up a serious injury can put a footballer in a precarious position with their employer outside of football. For those who are self-employed or on a zero-hours contract, the prospect of paying the bills without any form of sick pay or income to rely on can be a scary position to end up in.

Fortunately for footballers like Jack, Our Game is always on hand to help out.  

“I had signed up before to the membership but didn’t renew straight away, always intending to do so later.”

“This left me with no insurance, self-employed and with a mortgage to pay. I spoke to Francis and explained my situation and he somehow managed to get me a scan and operation within a week. I cannot thank Our Game enough.” 

Having now introduced a statutory level of sick pay for when members become injured, in the 2019/20 season, the average injury duration that Our Game covered wages for was 106 days. This now provides a real financial lifeline for injured players and their families.

The pandemic has changed the shape of the football landscape, giving those in the game a lot to reflect upon. With Lockdown now easing, it’s incredibly important that players take steps to protect their future, both in the game and outside of it. No matter their situation, players can utilise an Our Game membership all-year round, making it an essential service for today’s footballer.

Jack is keen to share one last piece of advice with anyone who is thinking of signing up with Our Game Football.  

“If anyone is reading this and is thinking about signing up, I say just do it as it could easily happen to you!”  

Contact us on 0208 166 5785 or at so we can help you too.

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