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Benefits and drawbacks of online poker and live casino poker

Live and online poker games come with the same rules. However, they are different in considerable ways. In case you are a live player who is transitioning to online games, you have to drop down the bet to win. Land-based casino games are also challenging for people who have started playing online. 

In this article, you are going to learn the difference between online poker games in different ways. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Poker Games

There are several benefits of playing this title over the internet. You will be able to access them from the comfort of your home. 

  • As you gamble, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. 
  • There is no limit on the number of tables that you can gamble on. You can gamble on more than 12 tables;
  • It will provide you with ample choices. There are some formats which are not supported by live gambling, but you will find them in parhaat pokerisivut or in the best poker websites; 
  • You can bet any amount you want. If you want, you can play for pennies or just bet the highest stake. The choice is completely yours;
  • There is no need to wait for the tournament events to come over to the town. This is because some of the other tournament is always going on over the internet. 

Like every other thing, internet poker also comes with some drawbacks. Let’s take a look at them. 

  • There are many people who are taking part in the games. However, apart from the small stake titles, it is mainly dominated by the veteran punters. Thus, you have a higher-standard of opponents. This means winning might be a little difficult;
  • Some punters are always going to play more than 8 games, while others are going to gamble on 1-2. This implies that the titles are going to be heavy, especially during the day;
  • The house edge might be reduced. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Live Poker Games

When you hit a local casino, you are going to come across choices that are softer than the online ones. However, the disadvantage is you will only be able to play 30 hands every hour. This is a slow process for someone who is used to the fast-pace of the internet titles.  

The benefits of live poker are many, and these have been discussed below. 

  • The strong suit is the social element, particularly for the recreational players; 
  • Since you have fewer hands for gambling every hour, people are going to raise all types of junk that are going to be folded immediately. These make for profitable and lose games; 
  • People behaving strongly, handshaking, and other physical tells are significant parts of the game for several people; 
  • In order to keep people playing, there are many casinos that provide promos such as freerolls, bad beat jackpots, others on splash pots or hours played. 

Here are the drawbacks of the live casino poker. 

  • One of the primary drawbacks of this is your limited choice of stakes. In comparison to the web version where you will be able to play for pennies, you need a bigger investment for gambling on live poker; 
  • In case you are used to gambling on the web, then 30 hands in an hour might feel like a drag, particularly when you go through the card-dead patches; 
  • Very few people are lucky to have a casino just at their doorstep. Hence, you will have to consider the expense of travel if you have to gamble on this title in a live gambling den; 
  • This type of game requires gambling dens to employ dealers. Thus, the jackpots might drop. Also, the tips are going to eat into your profit. 

Things to Expect from Online Poker Games

In case you are used to gambling offline and want to step online, you will come across several options. Poker is divided into 4 primary formats. 


  • Cash Games


It works the same as the live ones where you will have chips placed in front, and you will have to direct monetary value. Here, the difference lies in the buy-in levels. When you gamble online, it starts from 1c/2c blinds and then it goes up from there. You can opt for 2, 4, 6, and 9. 

In case you are accustomed to small fields and big buy-ins at the local casino, the online options are going to amaze you. There are several tournaments with the primary formats including rebuy, freezeout, bounty, and the satellite qualifiers. 


  • Sit N Go


It is a small tournament format that is going to start only when the table is full. One of the most common formats is 9 players with three in the money. In case of bigger tournaments, there might be 180 punters on one site. 


  • Fast-Fold Poker


It is also known as Zone, Snap, and Zoom. The gameplay is the same. Here, you will join a pool of punters at every buy-in level. You will be put in a hand with the punters from your pool and the moment you fold, and you will go to a new hand. You also have the option of folding out of hand. This will speed up the game to a great extent. 

Online games also run round the clocks which are not the case with the live ones. Also, online punters have more experience and also have tools for assisting them. Thus, betting a high amount just when you shift to playing over the internet is not a good idea. 

Things to Expect from Live Poker Games

For players who haven’t played live, the transition from an online casino might be a little difficult. Apart from the drop in the opposition standard, you might also feel bored. Also, the hands are quite slow, and the deck has to be shuffled. Thus, you often get 30 hands every hour in a live casino. When you are accustomed to multi-tabling online, this can be 10% of the decisions that you make within the same time-frame. 

Usually, a live gambling den runs a few tournaments every day unless it is a special event. The rest of the tables are going to be cash games. The standard of the game is much passive and loose in comparison to the online choices. In a showdown, you will see all sorts of hands and a flop going multiway is typical. The representing hands and floats are not something that the live players will understand easily. 

At a land-based poker room, you will come across punters who are going to sit for hours to spike a set. Tells and physical mannerisms are an important part of the title. In case you prefer online gambling, you are going to have more away about the hand than you can actually expect to. You need to take the time to make sure that you are consistent with the betting actions, this will keep you giving away your hand strength. 

Both options come with their own benefits and drawbacks and where you wish to play depends on your preference.

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