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FPL Season 2020/2021 — Common tips and tricks to Get You Started

The Fantasy Premier League 2020/2021 is going to be big. Millions of football fans worldwide prepare their devices to take part in another fantasy counterpart of the most popular league in the world.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the common tips and tricks you should consider before starting your season. All pieces of information provided in this article are somewhat universal, meaning they can be applied to other seasons as well. Some of them apply to other fantasy sports, too.

How did we come up with this list? It was a try and fail effort for us, having been FPL lovers for more than a decade.

Therefore, the list below is not only aimed at beginners but experienced FPL enthusiasts as well. Let’s take a look at it.

1.  Don’t Rely on Your Emotions

This is a piece of advice that all experienced fantasy players will tell you. Emotions can get in the way, especially if you’re new and attached to a player or club. In reality, things can be completely different, and it’s up to you to understand how your emotions work and walk away from them.

There will be time for emotions once the results start coming in. However, when it comes to picking players for your team, it’s essential to do it cold-headed.

I’ve always hated Leicester before 2015/2016, but I’ve carefully analyzed their game before that season and was prepared for the best-case scenario. That’s why Vardy was one of my picks at the start of the season. In other words, I’ve been able to make myself emotionally distant when selecting players for my team.

2.  Research More

Fantasy sports are all about being prepared as well as you can. The more knowledge you have about the upcoming season, the better your overall score can be.

We shouldn’t neglect the fact that there’s an element of luck to this type of entertainment. However, you can minimize the impact of luck by knowing more. That’s the main reason why many people consider fantasy sports a game of skill rather than luck.

Doing research means being up-to-date with everything that happens (or is about to happen) in the league. Therefore, make sure to follow some of the most reputable sports news platforms to learn more about the league and the players.

Researching also means delving into numbers. You need to gain insight into all possible stats regarding players you’re considering selecting, as that’s the only way to predict their performance in the upcoming season.

Finally, part of your research should involve engaging in FPL communities. Find relevant subreddits and forums that discuss possible strategies and see how other players think, as you might be able to find useful pieces of information that way.

3.  Pay Attention to Greedy Players

Some players that are important for the clubs aren’t very profitable in FPL. Simply put, FPL awards points for a handful of actions, including a goal, assist, and clean sheet. However, real football doesn’t look like that. Instead, some players are beneficial for the club but rarely score or assist. They have to be positioned correctly, run a lot, clear goal lines, track down opponents, and more. Some players are a vital part of the play and should rank better, but their tasks aren’t in FPL.

So, what exactly is a greedy player? Those players are after stats that are graded in FPL, meaning they score a lot of goals and have plenty of assists. Mo Salah and Sterling are two great examples of greedy players.

When choosing a team, however, don’t focus on strong players and clubs. Try searching for players at the bottom half of the leaderboard, as many clubs rely on one player to score and win matches. These players are usually great for the Fantasy Premier League and are considered greedy.

4.  Patience Always Pays Off

The biggest virtue of an FPL manager is patience. If you combine it with persistence, you’ll get an ultimate winning recipe. However, that’s not always possible, as managers’ persistence varies throughout the season.

On the other hand, you can learn to be patient. Don’t impulsively transfer a player who didn’t perform well, as you should understand that players have their ups and downs. Instead, you should analyze the stats for that player and try to determine whether the poor performance was just a fiasco, or there’s something inherently wrong with him. Give it time, and don’t make impulsive choices. You should aim to make moves that are wise rather than hasty.

5.  Learn How to Use FPL Chips

The wildcard is perhaps the most important chip you can get, but there’s no ultimate strategy that tells you how to use it. The only rule you should follow is not to use your wildcard too soon. Waiting for the next one can seem like an eternity, especially if your fantasy team is not performing well.

The triple captain chip is useful in certain situations, and the best one is when there are two fixtures in a single GW. This also happens in the second part of the season when fixtures are postponed due to domestic competitions. This strategy can also be applied for the bench boost chip, which you should ideally use combined with the wildcard.

Free hit can be used in a GW (or even two GWs) when a domestic cup takes place. We only get from five to seven fixtures a week during that time, as the top teams are busy playing the cup. This would be a perfect time to use the free hit chip. This is also the perfect time to make use of the €10 free no deposit at One Casino.


Hopefully, this article helped you understand how to pick your players successfully before the start of the season. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, so feel free to explore other articles that offer in-depth advice. Once you feel ready, start your career as an FPL manager, and don’t forget to have fun. After all, FPL is a type of entertainment!

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