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Why Are Daily Fantasy Sports So Successful?

Daily fantasy sports have become a national pastime around the world. The ability to compose your own teams and pit them in virtual contests against one another has exciting sports fans and those who have a more of a managerial turn of mind.

In fact, there is nothing surprising about the success of daily fantasy sports as such. Long before sports betting was legalized in some of the biggest markets in the world, fantasy sports were the only way to engage in the activity and stay on the good side of the law.

Today, daily fantasy sports play an important role in sports culture as it boosts excitement and brings fans together. What is behind this success?

1. The Ability to Lead Your Team to Victory

When combing through the available soccer betting odds, you will often notice that there are a lot of great bets you may place. Betting is a way to root for your team, too, but daily fantasy sports really take this experience onto the next level, offering you a chance to not only root for your favorite teams but rather choose from your favorite players and build your own squads.

This ability to individualize is appreciated by sports fans who read the soccer bet odds to make the best possible decisions when it comes to their own sports betting experience. With daily fantasy sports, though, the emphasis is not really on you placing a bet but rather on you building a successful team, choosing from a pool of great athletes.

2. The Big Unknown Factor

Many people enjoy daily fantasy sports because there is an inherent “uncertainty” factor. You may even argue that it’s easier to predict how a team performs, but trying to combine many different players from different squads requires a much more sophisticated knowledge of the sport, as well as all participating teams. This “big unknown factor,” is what makes most sports fans enjoy daily fantasy sports so much.

3. Bragging Rights

Last but not least, daily fantasy sports have long been a source of bragging rights. Colleagues and friends would create pools and compete against one another in a bid to outsmart their friends. Indeed, accumulating the most points in a DFS contest gives the winner an advanced status in the sports social hierarchy and yes, that includes the right to brag about one’s achievement.

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