Landscaping ideas for Non-League football clubs

As the Title Sponsor of the FA Vase and FA Trophy, Buildbase has everything you need to know when taking on a landscaping project and repairs at your club.
We spoke to Buildbase landscaping partner and Bradstone Assured landscaper John Boden of The Garden Barber for ideas on how you can improve your clubs’ grounds.
My son played for a local football club and so I became an active landscaping volunteer.
This was valuable for the club and made a massive difference, encouraging more people to bring their families to a pleasant and presentable place as well as watch some great football.
The reality is that most people involved in running local clubs are volunteers who are putting time and effort into maintaining the ground, the pitch and the facilities. Without that support, club facilities can end up looking dishevelled unless they can rely on sponsorship to pay for landscaping work and materials.
So how does landscaping make a difference to a local club?
Landscaping products such as paving make great seating areas and the environment much friendlier for families, so it’s worth allocating areas for placing benches and soft play cushions that can be incorporated into the ground’s facilities.
Aggregates – in other words gravel, pebbles or chippings for example – can be used around a club facility to help keep weeds in check and maintenance-free, while brightening up the environment.
Using planters for plants and flowers clearly bring colour and greenery, but it’s important to have volunteers who are willing to keep looking after them!

The right tools for the job

Having the right equipment for landscaping makes maintenance a lot easier: obtaining equipment such as mowers, strimmers, sprayers for killing weeds, etc are all very handy for a local football club. Having access to a wide range of hand tools for doing DIY around local football club buildings is essential and, through a supplier such as Buildbase, you can also access much bigger equipment for short-term hire, for example a dumper.
Landscaping is essential if you want to encourage nature and wildlife and that includes having trees planted around the boundaries. Flowers encourage bees and birds into the environment while proper planting, including hanging baskets, brightens up the surroundings and creates a feel-good factor for fans, families, the local community and even visiting supporters.
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