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Why you should promote your business or cause at a local football event

Why you should promote your business or cause at a local football event

Non-League Football Paper fans will know what a fantastic sense of community and togetherness can be found at football matches. People coming together from all walks of life to share their love and appreciation for the beautiful game – it’s this meeting of outlooks and interests that makes a football event the perfect opportunity for promoting a social cause or local business.

With so many inspiring ideas of outdoors marketing available, thanks to Helloprint, a local football event is the ideal place to promote causes and businesses which serve the community.

Why a football event?

The key to communicating a message to a large group of people is to have them gathered in a relatively small area, and to have their attention focused in a similar direction at any given moment. This is exactly what you get with a local football event. Imagine a banner displaying the name of your cause directly in the eye-line of fans for the duration of a match – as well as the pre and post match too. That is a powerful concentration of attention.

A football event is a social gathering, where people of similar mindsets and interests meet – this means that word of mouth has a part to play too. Your advertising reaches two people, who tell two more people, who tell two more – before long, everyone attending the match is familiar with your business or your cause. It’s also an excellent way for a business to show its support of local events.

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What materials work best?

There are many promotional materials that offer great results when used at local football events – pop-up banners, for example, can provide strong returns for a comparatively modest initial investment.

The choice is yours, and it’s up to your creativity. You can use posters, flags, flyers, leaflets, brochures, or banners. If you want to make even more of an impact you could invest in some promotional apparel – custom printed t-shirts, caps, and bags are always useful and gratefully received by fans.

If you want people to know about your cause, your charity, or your business, you have to take the first step and put yourself into their field of attention. A football event is the ideal place for you to do exactly that. If you theme your promotion based on the perceived interests of your audience, you stand to develop a much more powerful connection with them.


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