What you need to know about Value Betting

   In the betting world, Value Betting is done only by the most experienced, and math-savvy players. It is said that Value Betting separates boys from men. But have no worry. If you are determined to take greater control of your betting system. You feel it is time to explore the market and up your winnings. We will explain by this step-by-step guide, all you need to know about Value Betting, and how it can work to your advantage. 


   A Value Bet is a betting technique, when players bet on odds that are higher than the usual outcome will reflect, and the higher odds are offered by a bookmaker. Don’t worry. Let us explain with an example of a coin toss. As we know the chances of heads or tails are each 50 %. If we translate it to odd, the chances of heads or tails would be 2.00. So we can bet on either one. The odds are the same. But what if you find a bookmaker which offers you 2.10 odds on tails and 2.00 odds on heads. Would you take it? This is how Value Betting is created. The higher the variance between the odds, the more profitable the value will be. 


   That is not very simple. You would have to compare odds with different bookmakers. Especially the ones who are called Sharp Bookmakers. They are the ones who are really good at determining odds that reflect the actual outcome. With their odds in mind, you can compare them with odds from other bookmakers to see if there are any offers higher ones. Here is where your skill and experience will be a great advantage. Because it will be your job to check the odds and decide which ones suit your style of betting. Value Betting can often occur when there is a last-minute change in a sport. For example, if a leading person becomes suddenly injured or not able to play. It will take some time for bookmakers to adjust their odds to the new information. That time window will give you an opportunity to place your bets for higher odds. 


   As the name says, here all the betting will be done manually. That means it will be up to you to search for bookmakers with higher odds. To compare the odds and put it in your own formulas, and calculate your chances of winning. It will take you some time. And we suggest this way if you are already experienced and know your math. It can be time-consuming and a single human error could ruin everything. But the chances of winning will provide enough encouragement to try this way. 


   These include software services where a computer can search through several bookmakers and compare their odds. Doing this job for you to examine their data and place your bet when ready. Some of them will focus on one bookmaker, while others, more sophisticated, will compare more than one to give you updated information. But of course, that doesn’t mean that their information will always be correct. It should be used as a guideline, not a rule. The software can not account for the last-minute information each bookmaker receives and doesn’t share. The more sophisticated way of automated Value Betting is done by Value Betting bots. They can detect value and place bets without human intervention. So the entire system will be completely automated. When dealing with bots there is no case of human error. The result will reflect the work of the computer software. Maybe we will recommend them because of the speed with which they work and the reliability of their calculations. Using bots may be faster in placing more bets because they can calculate large amounts of information which for manual Value Betting takes hours. 


   The fact is that Value Betting can make you more money than other types of betting. But you need to take into consideration that you are betting on a single odd and not covering every single outcome of a game. Because of that half of your betting will fail. Be prepared to deal with variance. Especially at the start of Value Betting. Sometimes you will have a winning streak, and sometimes you will be at the end of the losing line. Value Betting is not without risks. There are things you can do to reduce variance, but it will still be there. Your results will be closer to the expected value the more bets you place. So don’t give up too soon. Betting on a higher value will increase your yield. Set a maximum bet size to protect your deposit and don’t forget to adjust your bankroll when betting. If you have some of them in unsettled bets, then calculate the maximum bet on the funds left in the bankroll, and not the amount you have started with. 

   In the end, the only question you need to ask yourself is if Value Betting is good for you? We can discuss different bookmakers and their odds. We can provide a list of the best software and bots for you to purchase. We can talk about variance and how it influences the players and their bets. But at the end of the day, does Value Betting actually increase your profits? Is it worth the risk? From all that have tried and are still doing it, there is no doubt. Value Betting is not a way to make money fast. But in the long run, you will see it will increase your gains, more than other types of betting can. For it to work you need to be a good player. Need to know your sport, odds, how much a bookmaker will offer. You need to be confident and patient. Sometimes you will lose all you have for the day. But on the better days, your winnings will be higher than ever. It is the true world of betting. You will never know what comes around the corner. As we already mentioned. It really does separate boys from men. But don’t let that intimidate you. If you believe you are ready to come to the higher level we have already shown you where to start. 

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