Knaresborough Town

Knaresborough Town (Tuesday, August 7)


Knaresborough Town 6 Askern Villa 0

KNARESBOROUGH Town are newcomers to the Northern Counties East League this season.

Tonight is their second match at this higher level, so I take the opportunity to tick them off. I set off early to head the queue of Hoppers scrambling for a programme.

In fact, I arrive at Manse Lane before the programmes have arrived but the helpful club official promises to put one by for me.

I next trawl the town for a chippie and come across an award-winning beauty. Back at the ground, I am scoffing my delicious supper in the car park as players and officials alike complain about the tantalising smell torturing their empty bellies.

Entry to the stadium is through a turnstile next to a wonderful set of red wrought iron gates. I hand over my 3 pounds to the gateman and am also furnished with my reserved programme: Town Insight.

The stadium is gleaming in the sunshine. A large clubhouse runs alongside the touchline nearest the turnstile.

One-and-a-half sides are closed to spectators and there is an Arena type stand along the other touchline. The tea bar is situated inside the clubhouse, selling meat pies and that revolting Yorkshire speciality, hot pork pies.

Many locals stop to chat as I sit supping my cuppa while watching the Olympics on the big screen. The secretary appears and pins up a handwritten teamsheet in the window. I am given permission to take it after the game has finished.

Knaresborough don’t seem overawed by the step up in level: they are ahead after just 24 seconds! Three goals and two sendings off later, we adjourn for the half-time break. Only two more Town goals are added in the second half against a lacklustre Askern side.

Borough seem fully prepared for the season both on and off the pitch. Club officials were extremely friendly and efficient and the local supporters very welcoming. The only sour note came from three Askern idiots who wanted to pick an argument with anyone who wanted one.

No one did and they slouched off at half-time dragging their knuckles behind them.

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