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Top 5 cheapest ways to watch live football streaming online

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If you are reading this, there it is likely you are a big football fan but don’t want to have to pay excessive amounts of money in order to watch it. To do this is now easier than ever before thanks to the internet which has allowed for more access to live streams of football matches. These can help you watch live football as and when you want for a much lower price than you could in days of old. We have run down a selection of what we think are the best ways to stream football online.

Sports Betting Sites

As part of the service at sport betting sites, they will often allow you to stream games directly on their site, with one of the most popular options that is available being the option to stream sports. Depending on the sports betting site you use, the pragmatics of this will be slightly different. Consult this list of the sites offering to watch live sports streaming. On some, all you need is an account with that sportsbook in order to stream the matches, other times, you may have had to meet a certain criterion, for example, needing to have money in your account. On the stricter sport betting sites, you will have to have placed a bet on the match in question in order to gain access.

While all the top sports betting sites online will all have the option for you to stream football in some way or another, one thing to consider when using this service though is that NOT EVERY sports betting site offers this service. While different sports betting sites will offer a select number of live streaming matches, usually the biggest ones of that day. Therefore, at some, it may not be an all-encompassing streaming service. This is why it is important to read sports betting website reviews before you sign up and try to benefit from this feature. However, if you are betting man already, it is a great way by which you can combine your two loves in one place and track the action as it happens and is a valuable tool if you are a fan of bet-in-play services at sports betting websites already.


Reddit is very much a one-stop-shop for all your internet needs and that includes looking to find a place to watch football online. Within the Reddit community users are often helping one another our with links where you can watch football for a cheaper price. Often you will even find whole threads specifically catered to finding soccer streams or even just streams for one particular football match. They are a great place to start if you are looking to watch occasional football but if you are looking for something a bit more regular, you might want to cut out the middle man and go directly to a tried and trusted website.

Specialist Stream Sites

This brings us nicely on to specialist stream sites. There are loads of these online and they are just a quick google search away. Depending on the service you have chosen the price range can vary and for consistent viewing, you may have to delve into a monthly or annual subscription, but it is worth considering that a subscription to a streaming site is often a lot cheaper than having to buy a tv package. The plus side also to a streaming site as opposed to a TV package is that you get all the football matches you want, with no filler from other elements that you don’t want to pay for. In some cases, these specialist streaming sites may offer free streams too which you can use, but these can be a bit of a legal grey area though and often they may get shut down or the stream quality isn’t very good. This can get very frustrating and so with this considered, paying for a consistent and reliable stream service might be the preferable option.

BT Sports

BT sports is another option for would-be viewers and is a fairly new entrant to the domain of online streaming, although it is certainly a very good one. This is thanks to the fact that they have taken a great deal of live football away from other similar services, such as Sky, and now you can stream lots of Premier League and Champions League matches on their service, plus plenty of international football from all over the world. There are also multiple BT Sports channels too, and so there could a large number of football games all playing out across their service at any one time.

We know what you are thinking, you don’t want to pay for a load of bloat channels you won’t use. Well, you won’t need to as you can solely subscribe to BT Sports for a cheap price of just $29.99 a month and benefit from just these services. What’s more if that they have a great online streaming platform which you also take with you on the go via your phone, tablet or laptop, so you aren’t restricted to watching it when you are at home either.


Basically, the US equivalent of BT Sports is ESPN, and is a great choice for US viewers but also you can get it in the UK too if you so wish. By doing so you will get access to 2000 matches across multiple leagues which gives you plenty of variety. It is also a VERY cost-efficient way to view as it can cost just around $5 a month, or $49.99 for the whole year. The problem would be that the commentary and punditry are not to the same level as BT Sports (with you needing to put up with people saying “soccer” instead of “football”) but you will get a similar selection of footballing action. Again, you can take this with you on the go and watch top-quality action from wherever you are, whenever you feel like it.

Head online now and start investigating in more detail about any of these options that sound appealing but they will also be the gateway to low-cost footballing action!

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