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Quit smoking and perform better!

Quit smoking

Smoking is a very addictive behaviour due to a chemical called nicotine found in tobacco.

Nicotine is a chemical stimulant that encourages drug-reinforced behaviour, compulsive use, and relapse following abstinence.

According to research, it was discovered that athletes need oxygen-rich blood to the heart, lungs and muscles to perform at peak levels. Athletes addicted to smoking often experience low productivity compared to non-smokers.

This is mainly because the carbon monoxide from the tobacco binds with their blood, thereby displacing oxygen resulting in s lactic acid build-up.

This results in fatigue and burnout in the athlete and a major way to tackle this addiction is the use of nicotine pouches.

The Role of Nicotine Pouches in Curbing Tobacco Addiction

Nicotine pouches are smokeless, pre-portioned pouches with a white appearance. They contain nicotine that you place between your lip and gums.

Furthermore, it requires no refrigeration and you do not need to spit when you use them. For easy adoption, the pouches are sold in an array of flavours such as citrus, coffee and black cherry.

Currently, different companies offer other nicotine pouch products, some of which are created by big tobacco companies. The nicotine content among these brands differs per pouch.

However, there is still ongoing scientific research on the long term effects of using nicotine pouches as a replacement for smoking tobacco.

Why Stop Smoking?

Any athlete who wishes to have a glorious career must take serious and quick action against smoking if they are going to be successful.

The first reason is the health impact that continuous doses of tobacco will have on you. Research has also confirmed the link between tobacco smoking and health issues such as cancer and other health-related diseases.

Also, as mentioned earlier, tobacco impacts the endurance level of an athlete, reducing their productivity which leads to woeful performance.

Athletes can adopt the use of nicotine pouches as a way to reduce tobacco smoking on their path to complete independence from the effects of nicotine.


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