Truro City’s potential new stadium moves a step closer

Truro City’s hopes of moving to a new stadium moved a step closer yesterday after Cornwall Council agreed to partially fund any building work.
The Cornish Council have agreed to fund around £3 million towards the £14 million expected cost of a new stadium.
It is believed that around £3 million still needs to be raised with local politicians putting pressure on the Government to make up the current shortfall. Local MP Derek Thomas is expected to meet government officials today in an attempt to secure the remaining money needed.
The stadium will have a capacity of 6,000 and will also host Championship rugby club Cornish Pirates and rugby league side Cornish Rebels, as well as the White Tigers.
Speaking after the Council’s decision yesterday, a spokesperson for the proposal said, ““The stadium partners are delighted that Cornwall’s Councillors have come together to show their support for our vision to create a hub for Cornish sport, health and well-being, education, and business.
“We knew it might be a close vote but we would like to thank Councillors for the faith they have shown in the partnership and to take this opportunity to thank all of those from across Cornwall who have come together and supported the Stadium for Cornwall project.
“Many people from across so many different areas of Cornish life have worked so hard to help bring this vote to fruition.
“We have always had a strong belief in the Stadium project as a catalyst in the promotion of Cornwall’s health, well-being and recreation, and as a beacon for professional sport inspiring young people for generations. We now have a clear indication that this belief is matched by the people of Cornwall and will work tirelessly to deliver for them.
“The work doesn’t stop here of course. The partners are continuing to talk to central Government on further funding and are progressing well on the practical and planning elements on the delivery of the Stadium.
“In many ways, the hard work in delivering the stadium starts now and we cannot wait to share the unfolding story with the people of Cornwall as it progresses. We very much look forward to continued partnership, working collectively and with Cornwall Council, GLL and the Cornwall Sports Partnership, to ensure that Sportva Kernow becomes an iconic Cornish development, one that greatly enhances our social and economic life, one that will stand the test of time and make the people and businesses of Cornwall proud.”

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