FA confirm promotion and relegation details for Steps 5 & 6 2021/22 season

The Football Association have revealed there will be play-offs at Steps 5 & 6 from next season.

The format will see two clubs promoted from each Step 6 division, apart from the South West Peninsula’s two divisions which will be one each, while clubs finishing second in Step 5 leagues will enter a play-off against a Step 4 side finishing either third or fourth bottom.

The FA will confirm the format of both sets of play-offs in due course.

Meanwhile, at Step 3, two clubs will be promoted from each division with four relegation spots. The champion and play-off winner in the eight Step 4 divisions will be promoted.

Step 5 (16 Divisions)

  • One club promoted automatically per division and the runners-up will face an away tie at a third or fourth bottom placed Step 4 club in a promotion/relegation play-off
  • Two clubs per division will be relegated into Step 6

Step 6 (17 divisions)

  • One club promoted automatically per divisions and one will be promoted via a four-team play-off
  • Three clubs will be liable for relegation into step 7 if there are clubs eligible for promotion
  • *South West Peninsula Divisions will only promote one club automatically

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