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Fantasy Non-League 2020-21 Details and How To Enter

Fantasy Non-League



Entry Fee
Team Name


Download the FNL entry form HERE to print out and send in via post.


THINK you know Non-League? Then why not put your knowledge to the test for the chance to win up to £5,000 in cash prizes as Fantasy Non-League returns for the 2020-21 season!

Entry to the immensely popular competition will once again cost only £5 – and you can enter as many teams as you like! The deadline to get your selections in is midnight on Friday October 16, 2020.

Make sure to read the rules closely as there are some chang- es for this season and there will be no Early Entry Bonus due to the unique nature of the forthcom- ing campaign and the late closing date.

There will be six Manager of the Month awards during the season split into the winner, the runner
up and the bottom team for each month.

The first Manager of the Month will be a joint one, taking in the months of September/October/ November 2020.

At the end of the season there will be cash prizes for the top four places and a prize for finishing bottom, so why not enter two teams one to win it and one to lose it?!

Please note there are two changes to FNL this season:

1. When your team loses, if it is at home it will now be -10pts and away from home it will remain at -5pts.

2. When your team loses, you will incur a minus point for every goal you concede and if you lose by four goals or more you will receive an extra -5pts. However, this season if your team scores a goal in that defeat you will gain a point for each goal scored.

For example, if you lose 4-3 at home you will receive -10pts for the home defeat, -4pts for the conceded goals and -5pts for conceding four or more goals that would give you a total of -19pts but because you have scored three goals your total for that game will be -16pts.

The Rules for FNL 2020/21: (Please read these very carefully).

1. You will need to choose three teams from each of the eight leagues. (One from each of the 3-sub section in each league which will give you a total of 24 teams). Then you will need to nominate three BONUS TEAMS and they can come from any of the eight leagues. Finally, you must pick your three FNL JOKER TEAMS from your 27 teams. Those three teams will receive double points throughout the sea- son. That will include all bonuses awarded during the season it will also include the End of Season bonuses.

Also, if you wish you can pick five substitute teams, but these five teams must be on your FNL 2020/21 Entry Form. (More on the substitutes later in this season’s rules).

2. Points allocation, in all eight leagues. (Not the same as last season).

League & Cup games: Home win = 10pts + goals Awaywin= 20pts+goals Home Draw = 2pt + goals Away Draw = 4pts + goals Home Defeat = -10pts Away defeats = -5pts

Every goal scored = 1pt (This counts if your team wins, draws or loses).

Every goal conceded (defeat only) -1pt

Goal Bonus Points = 5pts (This is awarded if your teams score 4 or more goals, but only if they win or draw).

Clean Sheet Bonus = 5pts (This is awarded for both wins and 0-0 draws).

Concede 4 goals = -5pts (This does not apply to drawn games). (Two-legged ties count as two separate games).

(Cup replays that go to penalties. The penalties are only used to decide the winner. No points are awarded for the penalties scored).

Bonus points for reaching various rounds in each Cup competition: For reaching the FA Cup 1st round proper and each round beyond = 25pts.

For reaching the Quarterfinals and each round beyond in all the other cups that are involved in the competition which are listed below = 25pts.

League Leaders & Bottom Club bonus:

At the end of each month up to and including May 2021 the team leading each of the eight leagues will be awarded 25pts. The team at the bottom of each of the eight leagues will be awarded -25pts. The Mixture bonus points will be allocated based on the best and worst team over the seven leagues that are included in The Mixture. (Please remember and this is important these bonus points will only count towards the main FNL season total and not the Manager of the Month).

Manager of the Month Bonus Points.

Each month the best and worst team in each of the eight leagues will be awarded 25pts & -25pts respectively. (These bonus points only count in the Manager of the Month calculations).

Play-Off Games:
The actual Play-Off games them- selves will be awarded points as if they were league games. The Play- Off Final winners will be awarded 50pts for gaining promotion. (These points will be awarded at the end of the season).

End of Season Bonus Points: (These points will be awarded at the end of the FNL Season in June 2021).

All League Champions will receive 250pts for winning their respective leagues.

The bottom team only in each league at the end of the season’s Fantasy Non-League will be awarded -250 bonus points.

Cup Winners will receive 150pts for the FA Trophy and 100pts for the other Cups.

Play-Off Winners will receive 50pts.

Remember if your FNL Joker team get these bonuses they will be doubled, for example a league winner picked in September/ October 2020 at the start of the FNL Season will win you 500pts.

Substituted teams will be awarded half the End of Season bonus points & the full Play-Off Winners bonus .

3. The following Leagues and Cup competitions will be involved in this season’s Fantasy Non-League:

National League

– FA Cup and FA Trophy.

National North

– FA Cup and FA Trophy.

National South

– FA Cup and FA Trophy.

Northern Premier

– FA Cup, FA Trophy and League Cup.

Isthmian Premier

– FA Cup, FA Trophy and League Cup.

Southern Premier Central

– FA Cup, FA Trophy and League Cup.

Southern Premier South

– FA Cup, FA Trophy and League Cup.

The Mixture

– FA Cup, FA Trophy, League Cups (If played).

4. Use of Substitutions.

As stated above you can select five substitutes on your FNL 2020/21 Entry Forms and out of those five substitutes you can use up to three. Again, this season there will be only one substitution window and that will be during the month of January 2021 (please note this is a month later than normal) with your selected chang- es taking effect from February 1, 2021. Details on how to use your substitutions will be released near- er the time during December.

Please also note you can change your FNL Joker teams on February 1, 2021 if you wish, but this will count as one of your substitutions.

Ian White,

Fantasy Non League

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